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We understand that not all buyers want the same thing. From lively resorts to blissful vistas, in the centre of the action or surrounded by peace and tranquillity. Buying a holiday home for yourself, your family & friends or a property offering an unmissable investment opportunity Aegean Dream Homes understands the need to listen to you. This is why our buying consultations begin prior to your viewing trip. We believe when you buy your overseas property you should be full of excitement, not stress and we think you'll be very pleased with our service.


The Benefits Of Working With Us


  • Our central location gives us superb access to top resorts of the Aegean. We don’t focus on one resort and we don’t believe you should have to either

  • Our ever expanding portfolio includes off-plan projects, apartment complexes and luxury villas, from new-builds to resales. We also have a number of land parcels available should you wish to build a bespoke property

  • All our exclusive developments use leading brand, top quality materials, manufactured to EU, national and TSE standards

  • The setting up of all your utilities and services comes as standard with our sales packages – we do not charge additional ‘admin or set up’ fees and provide copies of all receipts and breakdown of costs for you

  • We do not advocate pushy selling techniques, suggest an affiliated solicitor, make false after-sales promises or insist on you paying a property deposit before leaving home for your Viewing trip

  • We know how eager you’ll be to start your first holiday and so each sale comes with a complimentary post-sale cleaning service and welcome pack.


Your satisfaction is paramount to our work and we believe buying and selling property abroad should be as smooth as possible. We understand that receiving regular updates is an important factor to this. So from first time buyer to seasoned seller we wont leave you in the blue.

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Our Team


An Estate Agent for over 10 years and with a father also working within the industry, Real Estate really is in the blood.

‘I’ve always been passionate about being an estate agent. It's been always my pleasure to meet with new people and to find them a property that matches with their desires and their individuality.

Until 2 years ago Isa was working predominately with overseas customers. A move to Aydin city led him to concentrate on local real estate sales but with a number of friends in the industry calling for advice or details of new properties he started to miss the overseas work. 

‘I wanted to continue working with overseas customers and at the same time offer a better, more transparent service. I discussed this with Hakan and we understood that we both wanted the same future for our companies and so from this point we worked on a concept that was to become Aegean Dream Homes’

Using his wealth of experience alongside feedback from a number of past clients he remains in contact with Isa worked to develop the concept further and to ensure they were creating a Real Estate company people would want to use and allow the customer to feel confident in their purchase.

‘In our company we are proud to only market properties we have check the legal status of, when a customer comes to me I want them to be sure that not only are they buying the right property they are doing it securely. We keep hearing the sad stories from foreigners all the time but sometimes they forget what they are doing while buying a property. We want to remove that from buying here in Turkey’



Being from a line of property developers but never planning to work within the industry Hakan chose to study for a Business degree at Anadolu University in Eskişehir. However the earthquake of 1999 in İstanbul whilst studying for his degree made a huge impact on the financial security of the family business. Leaving university Hakan worked hard to secure a good job close to home before deciding to put his business degree alongside the experience his dad could offer him with the company.

‘I looked for other jobs to help my parents because I couldn’t sit in the house without doing something to say thanks for their efforts to make me to finish university. During this time I understood the knowledge I gained in uni might help the company. To this day I’ve never regretted that decision.’

The business has only ever improved from that point, including an expansion into City centre properties focusing on investment value run by younger brother Alican, and a move into the Luxury holiday home market.

‘It’s not about building just properties for me. I like to see clients are satisfied with my work, effort and my promises. I’m really interested in new techniques and products coming into the construction business, I like to discover advancements and see these within the properties we build’.

Hakan believes that these advancements should also be in the way property is marketed and sold to customers overseas. With recent changes to the property purchase legislation he felt it was time to move forward and so Aegean Dream Homes was born.


Responsible for the company’s Marketing and Administration Christa fell into the company as soon as customer needs got mentioned.

‘The Real Estate and Construction Sectors here in Turkey aren’t areas that I ever thought I’d take an ongoing interest in, but when İsa and Hakan began discussing moving in the direction of a new company I had plenty to say.

With finance background and experience of buying property in Turkey Christa also wanted to work towards an open, accessible service.

‘I understand that buying a property in a country you’re not familiar with is daunting. That essentially you’re relying on your agent to hold your hand whilst advising you on financial and legal matters as you attempt to find the right home for you. Isa has a reputation as an Estate Agent to be proud of and Hakan & Alican build quality properties that have stood the test of time. Their passion and desires for a better company make me believe in Aegean Dream Homes ’.


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